Sunday, January 24, 2010

help for haiti

I started this promo on Friday and am extending it through next Friday.

30% of sales (22-29 Jan) from my Etsy shop donated to Haitian earthquake relief efforts through UMCOR

UMCOR's mission is "to alleviate human suffering—whether caused by war, conflict, or natural disaster—with open minds and hearts to all people."

UMCOR uses 100% of donations and doesn''t keep any back for "administration" or whatnot. Read about them here and about their Haitian efforts here. They are affiliated with the United Methodist Church, but provide humanitarian aide to any in need, regardless of background.

Please stop by, snag yourself a sweater (or a hat - I might put some more into the shop this week), and help out the people suffering through this tragedy at the same time.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2 months on...

november ended.

December came and went.

January's on the downward slant.

And I rather walked away from ye olde blog. Not exactly what one should do when hoping to get a regular following, but it happened nonetheless. I shall try to make amends and move forward in 2010.

For those who don't follow my every move in twitterland, here's a recap with the crafty/blythe-y focus.

Och Aye Land!

I went up to Scotland with my lovely boyfriend to sightsee and to meet his family. It rained. A lot. But I took gobs of dolly photos (of the lovely Juno). And he took photos of me taking photos.



and this:


it was a pretty great trip. even though it rained a lot, we got to see a ton of rainbows.

Luka in London!
Luka, the travelling Blythe stopped by for the first week of December. I wrote a big ol' post for the followers of the project here, and her flickr set is here, but some photo highlights of the week are as follows:

2 New Girls!
I hadn't gotten a new Blythe since July when I adopted Fauna, my MSR. It was dolly craziness in my life as I welcomed Edesia, a PD London to my place here in London. The two of us travelled to the US for Christmas

And there I met my dreamgirl Diana, a sidepart redhead Kenner!

And now...
Since adopting the 2 new girls I have been utter crap at taking any B photos! Instead I've been knitting knitting knitting! Baby sweaters for cousins and such. And other little knitty projects. I got a whole handful of Nisse hats felted while in WI that I knit and crocheted last Christmastime and then forgot about! So they'll all be going to my Etsy soon.

Started some new work adventures which will hopefully allow for more travel and craft adventures.

Tonight I made Red Velvet cupcakes. I dusted them with confectionery glitter. I plan on taking the bulk of them (I ate 2...) to share at Stitch & Bitch London tomorrow night. I went to some meetings back in the early Fall, then didn't go again until 2 weeks ago. Had company here last week, so I'll get back on the horse this week. I'm gonna aim for twice a month. Knitting fun AND meeting new people! Everyone loves cupcakes. And Red Velvet have a magical quality to them for reasons of food coloring and hidden chocolatiness and such.

Mmm. I'll be better about writing. I will. But only if lovely people keep reading.