Tuesday, March 16, 2010

edesia gets her day

i got edesia in december. i then tried to do a wee bit of boggling and stretched her spring and didn't find a good way to blush her, etc. etc. so she's been sad and sitting.

but she was my birthday girl!

on saturday i turned twentysomethingorother and edie came along. i just popped her spring off a the back so she's currently sleep-eyed sans 2nd pullstring. it works for now. i want to paint her lids and i want to find a good blush for her. but she's lovely right now. i gave her a pretty set of purple chips (replaced the green) at christmastime and she rocks them. i snagged a new eurotrash dress last week and it arrived just in time for birthday festivities!

first stop: lunch at giraffe!

i LOVE this dress. it suits her perfectly! and the skipper boots look just great with it. i wish i could dress this sassily!

our final stop of the night involved boozed-up milkshakes. ms. edesia approved.

i had some talk about blythes with a couple newer friends/acquaintances. i wasn't waving her around everywhere, but i made sure to snap a couple shots each place we went during the day (save for the movies as they get weird about cameras these days).

it was a lovely birthday and i'm really falling for my little PDLondon!

ooh, p.s. - i have a job through the school year. yay! hopefully this will help the crafty habit with funds and not hinder it with stress and tiredness and no time.