Sunday, April 25, 2010

2 years!

2 years of the LauraKateIsCrafty shop on Etsy. Mind you, 2 years in which I've had the shop closed for probably a total of 7 or 8 months while I was living in Armenia and unable to ship things between visits to countries with reliable mail systems...but still. 2 years! Not gobs of sales, but I do hope to change that!

Right now there are 9 dresses and 2 hats. But I've got about 6 more hats to add and a handful more dresses are either ready or cut and waiting. PLUS upon arrival of the boy back to the UK today, he will come bearing a huuuuuge sequin order I placed (and had sent to his office to save on shipping). New sparkles for my hats and maybe even for my dress (itsy bitsy sequins are the best!).

So stop on by, take a look, and I hope you enjoy my summer range!

Friday, April 16, 2010

in the last month

my good intentions seem to not go over very well in regards to updating my blog more often. but then, it's been a crazy last month.

2 weekends in march included walks in the park with my boy. one weekend we headed to hyde park. it was lovely. and i took fortuna out for the first time since last fall for pictures.

and the next week we headed to the regent's park. a place that, even after a few years in london, the boy had never been. i figure that only having been living here since last summer, i had a better excuse of not having yet been! either way, it was gorgeous. and i can't wait to go back once the roses in queen anne's rose garden are blooming. it looks just beautiful. there were black swans too. which are always cool. and flora joined us. and i took pictures.

the weekend after that it was the oxford/cambridge boat
race. now, i'm not a crew sort of person. i don't come from a place where we do much in the way of rowing. and as neither the boy or i went to cambridge or oxford, we didn't really have anything pulling us to either of us to root for either school. we rather arbitrarily chose oxford. for a while, this meant that "our team" was ahead. but in the end, cambridge pulled into a late-race lead and won. we were still happy. we had pimm's.
we had nibbles. i had fauna with us and got some adorable pics!

and then my parents came to town! and there was touristing all over! we took a bus tour around london, visited the museums,
went to dinners fancy and simple, they met the scot (!!!), and on saturday we took a guided bus tour out to bath, salisbury cathedral, and stonehenge. it was a blast. and throughout the week i had various girls with me. lots of dolly photos were had, and a great fun was had too.

this week i've just been relaxing and not doing too much.
sewing and knitting and trying to get things ready for a big 2nd anniversary update of my shop (really about a 26 month anniversary, but it'll happen when it happens!) the school holidays end and i go back to work on monday. i'm hoping i have coworkers as both the other reception teacher and the nursery teacher were to be away by airplane. and with the volcanic ash in the atmosphere grounding flights, i'm not sure when they'll be back! (eep!)

so i hope to not go another month before an update again, but we'll see what happens. lots of things happening this spring. fun in london and then a trip to NYC in 6 weeks' time!

happy spring!