Monday, May 31, 2010

moving, planes, and manhattan

in the past 36ish hours i have:

moved out of my flat,

flown from london to new york (well, newark, truth be told),

and enjoyed manhattan.

and i've still got six more days to go!

maia and diana are here with me. diana gets a day out tomorrow. it's nice to see the scot after 3 weeks of being on opposite sides of the ocean and it's lovely to be out of that flat for good. hoorah for new adventures!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

meet maia

this is maia. she's new around here. she used to live with tacha in antwerp, but decided a london life was the one for her.

right now, she's a brunette. but, if postal tracking is correct (and if my flatmate will sign for a package on monday), she'll have new hairs tomorrow night. and she'll be getting some more work. a little lip re-do (tacha's work is pretty, but it's a bit scratchy at the moment), and maybe some new eyeshadow to go with her new locks. we'll see how long this all takes!

maia, like all my other girls, has a roman name. so it's "may-a" (as in the month) not "mya." she'll soon have one more B sister around the house, but for now it's just maia and diana with me as the others have been packed off to storage (*sniffle*) during my move!

maia and i are about to head to the park. i haven't decided which one, though. either hyde/kensington gardens or the regent's park. i have a feeling the roses are coming along up at the regent's park. and that might be pretty. we'll see. i've gotta eat some lunch somewhere in there, too!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

home again

i move out of my current flatshare and into a swanky, nearly-new, uber modern flat in a rather swishy riverside building in about 5 weeks. this means a few things.

1 - moving in with the scot! woot!woot!
2 - no more sometimes-scary flatmates! wahoo!
3 - the necessity to get real, grown up furniture on this side of the pond (it's just not feasible to ship any of the few things i own {like my gorgeous dining set} from the US).
4 - ikea.

when thinking about the decor of the new place, we both decided we will need shelves. for me, this meant only one things: exped
it. for years i've wanted a set or 2 or 10 - first for my scrapbooks and such and later for my blythes as well. it suits all sorts of crafty goodness. we're thinking perhaps this model for the tv:

and maybe this in the bedroom (it has been made clear that, much to my sadness, the dollies will not be allowed to live in the living room):

and then i think, "hmmm...what to do with the lovely storage?" and i have gobs of inspiration (click through to the original on my flickrstream for full credits)

for now, we've just got the little couch that comes with the place, but i'd like to put some funky art/prints on the walls behind it. right now, i'm really really liking these 2 from theblackapple on etsy. i think they're great - really well done, but still quite quirky. AND i've always loved that old tradition of paired portraits. sure, they'd be cute on their own, but they're even better together. and, dude, a jackalope! what makes the whole situation even grander is that there's a framing shop just around the corner from the new place. even if they're a little pricey (and what framer in london isn't?) the fact that i can walk to and from in "home sweet home" collection of prints from etsy's rosiemusic. take the guitar of "home sweet home"+ the boy of "sunday morning" and the girl of "Vol5" and it's the scot and me. knitting. music-making. being thatcutecouple. but we have neither a dog nor a cat. BUT i shall be getting a fish. or 2. black moors. because i've had black moors on and off for 10 years. and i miss keeping fish (not as much as i miss my cats, but enough). plus, i think they don't fall under the "no pets" rule.

mmm...pretty fishies. how can you not find little bug-eyed fancy-tailed goldfish adorable?
but i definitely need a nice tank.
i'd love to get a biorb but they're insanely pricey. maybe. we'll see. i have a feeling that after we get our ikea love taken care of, little things like fish or perhaps groceries will be on the back burner for a few months! heh.

for now i have to pack up what i have at my current place and make it through 3 weeks all alone while the boy is across the pond. but there are plans afoot! indeed, indeed. many plans.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Best of British (Blythes, that is)

I moved to the UK last summer. The entry stamp on my visa says late June, but I was really just passing through and came to stay a month later.

Before I came, I knew nearly no one. I still really don't know that many people here in London - or the rest of England or the UK for that matter. But the Blythe world is a strange, lovely, wonderful creature of connectivity. And, soon after I knew I was moving to London, I started to make online Blythe-y friends. Through the wonders of Flickr and Twitter, I've met some really lovely gals. Mostly I've not met them in person yet (save for one on the following list), but hope to soon at meets or the super-exciting Blythecon UK!

So, without further ado, here are 5 British Blythe gals (in no particular order) that inspire me daily, are lovely to talk to on Twitter, and who are generally smashing people (please click through their photo to check out their Flickr pretties!**):

♥♥♥ 1st up is CandyPop. She's first mostly because she has this lovely Brit-tastic photo!
She has a great eye for artistic images, and I love her shop window pics and awareness of detail.

♥♥♥ Long before I even thought I'd be moving to the UK (just after I'd moved to Armenia!) I had the joy of coming across the awesome sauce academic diva that is Flissy666. Fliss is a hoot. And her girls are as sassy as she is.
Her TG, Millie, has a great skill for crochet and runs MillieMade fashions. Their "Fluggs" Ugg-style boots have become popular across the Blythe world.

♥♥♥ LunarSea is a B girl who has come onto my radar more recently. But Bex is a fun soul and her girls always seem to be having adventures. She's a great tweeter and I'm looking forward to meeting her soon!

The next two ladies are a powerhouse in the UK Blythe world at the moment, as they are the planners of the amazing event that dolly fans across Europe are looking forward to: Blythecon UK!

♥♥♥ KidCrayola brings a smile to my face on a daily basis. She's a sassy newlywed (just this weekend!) and a crafty lady. The beautiful teacups and jam jars Hayley gathered and created for her wedding were fabulous. She's been working hard on BlytheCon alongside being a mother AND planning a wedding. And she tweets about it all! I want to give her a medal.

♥♥♥ The other rockstar Blythecon coordinator is the lovely SakuraBlythe. She seems to be a very kind soul and a doting mother. Jo has been working with Hayley to get the October Blythe meetup-to-end-all-meetups rolling and I'm sure it will be a big success. I always love seeing her pictures and reading what she's up to in tweetland.

There are a bunch of other British Blythe ladies who I'd love to get to know more and meet sometime. But right now, I mostly just enjoy their pictures and follow a few on Twitter! Check out LittlePebble (Danielle) - sassy crocheted hat queen , OhMyBlythe (Amy), TeaCupFaery (Jane), Pooka (Sarah), Marzipanda (Georgia) - amazing customizer and (people) shoe designer, SteelApathy (Laura), o0_Abigail_0o (Abbie), and WoollyRockers (Liz) - who makes the cutest chunky sweaters with motifs!

I feel lucky, happy, and excited to be a part of a group of people who enjoy something and enjoy that thing in a social way. I look forward to Blythecon UK and to upcoming meets here in London. Bex has organized one for a couple weeks out, and I'm working on a summer meet!

Blythe people really are the best sorts of people. They make me smile. And now it's 20 to 3. So I'm going to go to sleep!

**photos borrowed and linked to owners with appreciation. Please let me know if that's not ok.