Sunday, May 23, 2010

meet maia

this is maia. she's new around here. she used to live with tacha in antwerp, but decided a london life was the one for her.

right now, she's a brunette. but, if postal tracking is correct (and if my flatmate will sign for a package on monday), she'll have new hairs tomorrow night. and she'll be getting some more work. a little lip re-do (tacha's work is pretty, but it's a bit scratchy at the moment), and maybe some new eyeshadow to go with her new locks. we'll see how long this all takes!

maia, like all my other girls, has a roman name. so it's "may-a" (as in the month) not "mya." she'll soon have one more B sister around the house, but for now it's just maia and diana with me as the others have been packed off to storage (*sniffle*) during my move!

maia and i are about to head to the park. i haven't decided which one, though. either hyde/kensington gardens or the regent's park. i have a feeling the roses are coming along up at the regent's park. and that might be pretty. we'll see. i've gotta eat some lunch somewhere in there, too!


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