Thursday, July 29, 2010

i'm not dead yet!

hello dear blog readers (few that you are),

just a little note that, even though i've not posted in 8 weeks, i'm alive! just did the moving thing and then the oh-crap-the-installers-messed-up-and-we-won't-have-internet-for-weeeeeeks thing.

but it's back! and i'm back!

first news, still having a sale in my shop:
six 4 ten

next, getting ready for blytheconUK! currently i'm knitting some special items (and sets!) and will get on with sewing in the coming months. i'm helping to organize (i'm in charge of the raffle) and will have a little table to share my wares.

recent adventures have included a trip to hampstead heath with the boy:
clem and the boy

sunshiney day

and on saturday we had a little blythe picnic meet here in london at kensington gardens:
all the girls

hello, mr. cricket

it's been a nice summer so far and i've just started the holidays this week (yay for teacher summer time!) and hope that the coming weeks are full of adventures of all sorts of craftiness. i want to get lots of blythe sewing and knitting done and try to get a bit more caught up with my scrapbooks. and adventures nearby and up to scotland are in the cards too. whee!

i'll try not to be a stranger.