Tuesday, August 31, 2010

holidaying, decorating, and having mom in town.

we've just gotten back from our time in scotland. 11 days and 12 nights. we started out near edinburgh with the boy's family. his dad is fabulous with little minitrips to nearby castles and such. we visited the ruins of linlithgow palace, birthplace of mary queen of scots and others. it was rainy, but the sun decided to peek out in the end!

after a few days of enjoining the edinburgh fringe (we went to see jennifer coolidge to stand-up, among other things), we took the train to inverness. i've always wanted to go. we took a bus and bout tour on/around loch ness. it was overcast for the land bit and poured while we were on the water, but was a great day. miss vesta wore tartan and felt quite scottish as she posed at urquhart castle.

we visited fort george, outside inverness. great for dolphin watching. well, if there had been dolphins. it was good for dolphin searching off the ramparts, anyhow!

we headed back south and spent a few more days in and around edinburgh. saw some more fringe-y fun and ate good mexican food. all in all, it was a blast. i didn't get quite as much dolly time as planned. i took vesta with me on a handful of days all dressed and ready for pics, but just didn't have the chance and/or the weather was complete crap! oh well. it was nice.

in other news, the decor of this new place is coming along. i didn't get the curtains finished before my mom arrived, but i hope to get them finished up in the next couple days. i *did* however, get our photo wall up. and it's delicious. there's room to expand it, but it works really well in the space as it is.

and, finally. a couple dolly shots from my mom's visit. we went to kew gardens and vesta joined in (she's been my best girl lately).

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


my mother will be here on friday.

that, of course, is as good a reason as any to finish decorating the new apartment. now, i had grand aspirations to get new curtains made. but then it took me ages to find a suitable curtain rod. i found one that's just what i wanted visually and was exactly the right size. no sawing! yay! the boy and i went to hang it up...and discovered he didn't actually have a drill as thought.


so, soldiering on, i pinned the curtain to the wall outside the window/door of our bedroom to see how much light it kept out (the point of the curtains is to block the insane morning light and the tons of city night light so that we can sleep better). it was good, but not great. finding backing fabric of the right color and/or depth is proving a problem. i hope to take another jaunt this afternoon to search for some. i never thought it would be so tricky!

and now we have the photo frames. 15 of them. 12 that we bought yesterday and 3 the boy had purchased for his old place in the winter, but never got around to getting photos and/or hanging them. i started gathering ideas last night and spread the frames out on the floor.

(this, of course, is sort of sad in that my sewing machine is there in its box in the corner waiting to be freed and the curtain fabric is draped on the ironing board in a rather pathetic way).

the frames were picked up on our latest (and hopefully last, for a while) trip to ikea to get furniture. apart from the basket-y things for our expedit shelves that they've been continually out of stock with (time to check a diff. location??), we shall have the place fully furnished tomorrow!!! (as we have no car, we have to wait for delivery :( ). anyhow. yay ikea. and yay frames.

some inspiration:

(photo credits: 1. Via Robert Peletier, 2. all in a day's work,
3. Wall of Frames Grows!, 4. cluster)

(photo credits: 1. Via Apartment Therapy, 2. Wall of frame,
3. Sofa (nd) of Christmas!, 4. Wall of frames)

so now the tasks of the week (well, the tasks of now through thursday!) are to get photos printed (we have 4 photos ready and 18 photo spots in the 15 frames!), get backing fabric for the curtains, MAKE THE CURTAINS!, get the curtain rod hung, and - somewhere in there - get 3 pieces of ikea furniture put together and arranged. the dollies are going to move to the new shelves in the living room. and then it will be clean! organize! pick up mom at heathrow!

but, even though this is a bit nuts, i'm still so excited to have this home to decorate. and to have a lovely place to live with the scot in this amazing city.

and then, after 5 days with mom, next week we're off to edinburgh!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

curtain call

today the boy and i celebrated our anniversary at ikea. it has significance. but it's also just fun.

we got plants. but, most importantly to my crafty self, we got fabric. for curtains. for the most kick ass curtains evah!

it's from the annamoa range. fairytale-esque bold, modern prints. i like the birds. and the water. we live on the thames, so it seemed appropriate.

and anyhow, who doesn't love ikea dates?

darling, i don't know how to tell you this,
but there's a chinese family in our bathroom.

birds in my windows await!!