Tuesday, August 31, 2010

holidaying, decorating, and having mom in town.

we've just gotten back from our time in scotland. 11 days and 12 nights. we started out near edinburgh with the boy's family. his dad is fabulous with little minitrips to nearby castles and such. we visited the ruins of linlithgow palace, birthplace of mary queen of scots and others. it was rainy, but the sun decided to peek out in the end!

after a few days of enjoining the edinburgh fringe (we went to see jennifer coolidge to stand-up, among other things), we took the train to inverness. i've always wanted to go. we took a bus and bout tour on/around loch ness. it was overcast for the land bit and poured while we were on the water, but was a great day. miss vesta wore tartan and felt quite scottish as she posed at urquhart castle.

we visited fort george, outside inverness. great for dolphin watching. well, if there had been dolphins. it was good for dolphin searching off the ramparts, anyhow!

we headed back south and spent a few more days in and around edinburgh. saw some more fringe-y fun and ate good mexican food. all in all, it was a blast. i didn't get quite as much dolly time as planned. i took vesta with me on a handful of days all dressed and ready for pics, but just didn't have the chance and/or the weather was complete crap! oh well. it was nice.

in other news, the decor of this new place is coming along. i didn't get the curtains finished before my mom arrived, but i hope to get them finished up in the next couple days. i *did* however, get our photo wall up. and it's delicious. there's room to expand it, but it works really well in the space as it is.

and, finally. a couple dolly shots from my mom's visit. we went to kew gardens and vesta joined in (she's been my best girl lately).


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