Wednesday, September 8, 2010

4 simple goals

about a month ago now, ms. elsie flannigan posted a project/challenge: 4 simple goals (before 2011). over the past few years, i've really come to like elsie's stuff. which is so opposite from how i felt when she first came on the scrapbooking scene 5 years ago or so. this project suggestion got me thinking. about life and goals and change.

my life has been nothing but change for the past 3 years. one thing after another. now, however, it seems i'm beginning to settle in a bit. i've got a great new apartment, a wonderful (and crazy supportive) man in my life, and while my career situation is anything-but-stable, i'm more-or-less employed. we have food in our fridge and clothes on our backs. i can't complain much.

so. the challenge. elsie suggested choosing "activity-oriented goals." and coming up with 4 wasn't terribly hard. i want to do these things, i want to share about them on this blog, and i like having a little record of my progress, etc.

1 - blog more regularly
this has been something that's been on my mind for ages. i like this blog. i've kept a personal journal for yeeeeears, but having this craft/doll/adventures-focused blog is great for sharing with the world and connecting to like-minded gals and guys. my goal-within-a-goal is to overhaul the look of my blog. and just make it a generally more all-around fun thing in my life. there are so many lovely blogs out there that i find funny, inspiring, interesting, etc. and i hope i can be a little bit of something for other people out there, too! (original photo credit: sgrace)

2 - get out more
i've lived in london since summer 2009. so here i am, embarking on the autumn 2010 and i really haven't seen much of the UK. while i hope that i'll be spending at least a good chunk of my adult life here, that's not a certainty. so while i'm here, i really have wanted to see all the beauty that i know exists here. thus far, i've enjoyed just a couple day trips in england and have relished my few weeks in scotland. thankfully, it seems i'll have plenty of opportunity to visit scotland more. i love trains. i love trains here. and i want to try to get out for weekends here and there or even just a day trip out of the city.

3 - sew more!
it's so easy to tuck my little dolly knitting projects into my purse when i go someplace. or to whip up a mini sweater or hat while i'm watching tv. getting the sewing machine out, however, requires effort. and more time and planning and coordinating, etc. but i love to sew! and i have a nice little stash of fabrics, patterns, and ideas that i'd like to end up as dresses and pieces in my etsy shop. lumped in with sewing is scrapbooking. but i just find that hard here in england as papercrafting supplies are ludicrously overpriced. craft. craft more. sew sew sew. yes. that.

4 - cook, cook, cook
after college and during grad school i moved back with my parents. i cooked a little, but mostly i baked. my cooking was largely just for me, not often for dinners. then i lived alone/only had to tend for myself. so since the scot and i moved in together, i've been feeling properly adult about cooking. (which, pushing 30, is a damn good thing!). teaching, i tend to be home by 5:30 and during the summer break, i've been home even more. the scot works til 6 or later. so i tend to do most of the cooking. stand-by recipes are nice, but i've been enjoying trying new things and perfecting a few that i've tried in the past. (pictured is last week's roast chicken which i most definitely be making again!).

i'll be keeping tabs on myself throughout the rest of 2010. and sharing little bits of the adventures. anyone else up for the challenge?


beka*b said...

Good luck with your challenges :)

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MochiPan said...

Awesome goals! I think mine would be pretty much exactly the same! Your blog is really interesting and lovely, so you can count that goal as done! Tick!

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