Friday, October 1, 2010

BCUK. like FCUK, but cooler.

this evening, the boy and i will board a train to oxford. this is exciting. not only because neither of us have even been there, but even more so because we'll be attending BLYTHECON UK!!!!

i'm not working today. i took the day off to fit in a quick check up at the dr's and then get everything ready. the current task is weaving in the loose ends on about a dozen sweaters and then adding snaps to 20-25. and maybe sewing some more skirts??? i can always sew snaps on the train and at the b&b tonight. but my sewing machine will be unavailable to me after 6pm.

this is incredibly exciting. i'm in charge of the raffle. and the raffle has turned into a crazy beast of awesomeness. prizes ranging from wee dolly accessories to shop vouchers to hats to dresses to outfit sets to an amazing customized dolly and a NRFB nicky lad! the rather extensive (and mostly accurate) list can be found here.

as much as i chat with dolly people on flickr and twitter and such, there are so many online dolly friends that i have yet to meet. i think that's what i'm most looking forward too. oh, and selling hats and sweaters and dresses and skirts, too!

please come say hi! i'll be at my stall (sharing with peachysteph) and the raffle table (which i hope will be next to my stall!). i have 3000 raffle tickets at the ready.

bring it on.


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