Tuesday, October 5, 2010

bouncing back from blythecon

what a weekend. we took the train to oxford on friday night and came back to london late on saturday night. just over 24 hours in oxford. nearly all of them just fabulous.

almost all the girls

blytheconUK was a blast. the day went by so fast and i didn't get to talk to everyone i hoped to talk to, but it was still marvelous. so many beautiful things for sale and lovely dolls to see and fabulous people to meet.
my stall at BCUK!

the selection of wares form the various stalls was really top-rate. the choices ran the gamut and pretty much everyone was friendly and welcoming.

i met a cavey at the raffle table and we hung out a bit during the day. sadly, she didn't come home with me. BUT a pretty pink panda cavey did. i had said i wouldn't start collecting anything else, but then i met a cavey in person. and found out they're not super expensive at all (mine was £12). so i might just need a couple more...
oh, hello.

and then, the raffle! we had about 60 prizes. from small to big and simple to high-ticket items. 2 dolls, some trendy doll fashions, fabrics, jewelry, vouchers, and general awesomeness all-around.

most of the raffle loot!

i got to use my teacher voice to dish all the prizes out at the end of the day. sadly, i didn't win anything myself (well, the boy technically bought/held the tickets). but it was fun nonetheless. and, best of all, we raised over £640 for the little princess trust!
Dishing out Raffle Prizes
(photo from hey cavey)

the scot was a super duper assistant, helping out at my stall (which i shared with peacheysteph) - even though i didn't sell much - and hawking raffle tickets while i wandered around and met people and did various organizational things.

we must do this again next year. i already said i'd be happy to take the lead. i love these sorts of things. good dolls, good fun, good friends. win win win win win. i met some lovely gals i've been talking to for ages (some for 2+ years!) and some who i only recently came to be online friends with, but all were fabulous. and i made some new friends too. blythe is magical.

29 goldies = a lot of trouble

until next year...


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