Sunday, October 31, 2010

i went to ireland

3 days in ireland were lovely. the weather wasn't always great and my health wasn't tops for a trip, but we made the best of it. visited my bestie and her campus at NUI maynooth and all the good stuff in dublin (guinness storehouse, book of kells @ trinity college, walking around the city). a great trip. flora joined us and had a lovely time, too.

pretty pinks
flora in a lovely reflecting garden at the NUI campus

busts in dublin
interesting busts in dublin

woohoo! guinness time!
flora was pretty excited to visit the guinness storehouse and learn the history of the black stuff

resting pints in progress
we learned to pour a perfect pint. ours rested before being topped up.

eeps! beer!

we'll definitely be going again sometime.


Phillaine said...

Sorry you weren't feeling your best for your visit--thanks for sharing your photos! The one of Flora by the reflecting gardens is just beautiful.

. said...

thanks :)

the gardens there were by the seminary. crazy rock sculptures and water features. it was great! really beauitful.

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