Sunday, October 17, 2010

things and stuff - autumn loves

here are some things that i'm really loving lately. all for fall! (or autumn, if you so insist):

it's nearly halloween. and julie of tickled pink has made this charming witchy blythe dress. very seasonal and super-cute!

i came across this gorgeous oak leaf hairclip by punch drunk princess on etsy. she also has a maple leaf style. i think it's just the perfect accessory to any outfit as the air gets crisp and wind gets brisk. here in london, the leaves don't seem to get those beautiful sunset hues, but nothing is as autumnal as the changing leaves.

for me, fall is about family. something about the colder days and coming inside around the fire and such. i haven't been home to celebrate a thanksgiving in a few years, but i still keep my family close in thoughts and phone calls and emails.

katie daisy's shop the wheatfield has such gorgeous artwork and prints. the scot and i haven't decorated our bedroom since we moved a few months ago and this print is one that i've been thinking of. it has such lovely tones and a little ampersand can convey a much greater meaning. i think it's wonderful.

(more of katie daisy's great work can be seen on her flickr).

family is about togetherness. and, like that sweet ampersand, this one is just a charmer. i saw this shop (whimsylove) on etsy last week (front page maybe???) and fell in love with this little bottlecap pin.

just like carl fredricksen got from his ellie.

the last little bit of my entry is more about family than fall. my sister has pet allergies. so she can't have dogs or cats. years ago, she discovered that african pygmy hedgehogs are great for those with cat/dog allergies. her 2nd hedgie, cochon, died this week. she was at least 4 (not sure how old cochon was when she arrived at my sister's) and went peacefully in her sleep. little hedgies tend to live 3-5 years, so cochon had a great one. this sweet print from trafalgarssquare made me think of her.

i hope everyone is enjoying the ever-changing season. halloween is soon upon us and i hope to share some fun costume creation pics soon. at least for the dollies and most likely for me (we've said we're having a party, but not sure if we'll have guests who can make it!).

happy sunday!


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