Sunday, November 28, 2010

giving thanks

living abroad, holidays are always a bit of a hard time for me. i miss my family and our traditions. the past few years, i haven't had a "proper" thanksgiving. as an american this isn't very fun. thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. in my family it's the big holiday. the one where all the aunts, uncles, cousins, and cousins' babies (some not so baby-ish anymore) get together with my grandma at the head of the table and eat, drink, and make quite merry. lots of food, lots of wine, and lots of pie.

although last year i spent the day with the boy and his family in scotland and enjoyed a lovely italian meal, this year i decided to do it right. i took the day off work and i spent a bit over 8 hours cooking and baking and making far too much food for what ended up being a rather small gathering.

it was marvellous.

a lovely turkey and a full assortment of sides. created for myself, 2 scots, and 3 english friends. we ate, we played some games, we drank, we made merry. and i introduced them happily to pumpkin pie. as a whole, the night was delicious.

so long as i'm here in the UK, methinks this will be a new tradition. i am most certainly thankful for friends, for my fabulous boyfriend, for a lovely home to host guests, and for pie. always thankful for pie.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

on trying new things

this weekend i picked up a scarf that i started nearly a year ago and finished it. which was a great choice. because today was about a million degrees colder than yesterday. like ice, i say! ice! i need to snap a pic of it, but it's a much-longer-than-originally-written version of this pattern. i think ascots are stupid. so i used 3 balls of kureyon and have a long, fabulous, wool scarf with a cool lacework panel. it's fab.

and, as the holidays are soon upon us, and i am brokedy broke, i decided to keep riding my wave of non-blythe knitting. and try something new. gifts should be lovely, not run of the mill. so i decided to try something pretty and new and interesting with the skeins of slik garden lite that i'd been saving for a special occasion. and what did i decide upon, you ask? entrelac.

yes, entrelac. that woven, back-and-forth beast of design. which i always thought looked very very tricky. but is, in fact, just requiring of patience and a small bit of skill. i could've done this years ago, if i'd had the nerve to just try. it took me years to have a go at lace or a cable. this isn't any harder than either of those. and, really, as with most all knitting, it's just a matter of carefully following directions. in the end, if you have the ability to knit, purl, and to pay attention to a few key techniques, it's all about reading a recipe. and this scarf (currently earmarked for the scot's mum), is one awesome recipe to read. i highly recommend giving it a go.

p.s. eunny jang's tutorial here is very much worth watching. she's fab.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

just a little reminder


i find that the brits have a lot more poignancy in their remembrance day than in american veteran's day. but then, we have memorial day as well. anyhow. lest we forget.