Sunday, November 28, 2010

giving thanks

living abroad, holidays are always a bit of a hard time for me. i miss my family and our traditions. the past few years, i haven't had a "proper" thanksgiving. as an american this isn't very fun. thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. in my family it's the big holiday. the one where all the aunts, uncles, cousins, and cousins' babies (some not so baby-ish anymore) get together with my grandma at the head of the table and eat, drink, and make quite merry. lots of food, lots of wine, and lots of pie.

although last year i spent the day with the boy and his family in scotland and enjoyed a lovely italian meal, this year i decided to do it right. i took the day off work and i spent a bit over 8 hours cooking and baking and making far too much food for what ended up being a rather small gathering.

it was marvellous.

a lovely turkey and a full assortment of sides. created for myself, 2 scots, and 3 english friends. we ate, we played some games, we drank, we made merry. and i introduced them happily to pumpkin pie. as a whole, the night was delicious.

so long as i'm here in the UK, methinks this will be a new tradition. i am most certainly thankful for friends, for my fabulous boyfriend, for a lovely home to host guests, and for pie. always thankful for pie.


Anonymous said...

I bemoaned the lack of pumpkin pie filling when I lived in London. (Being Canadian, the pumpkin pie was mainly for Christmas dinner.)
On an infrequent visit, I found a can of pumpkin pie filling in the food court at Harrods! (It was even canned a few miles from my home in Nova Scotia, Canada.)
It was most likely on the expensive side, but here was my chance to show my English (and Irish) friends what a real/Canadian Christmas dessert could taste like!

What a failure!
I ended up eating most of the pie myself as nobody seemed to like it all that much. (I consoled myself that pumpkin pie is an acquired taste.)


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