Tuesday, November 16, 2010

on trying new things

this weekend i picked up a scarf that i started nearly a year ago and finished it. which was a great choice. because today was about a million degrees colder than yesterday. like ice, i say! ice! i need to snap a pic of it, but it's a much-longer-than-originally-written version of this pattern. i think ascots are stupid. so i used 3 balls of kureyon and have a long, fabulous, wool scarf with a cool lacework panel. it's fab.

and, as the holidays are soon upon us, and i am brokedy broke, i decided to keep riding my wave of non-blythe knitting. and try something new. gifts should be lovely, not run of the mill. so i decided to try something pretty and new and interesting with the skeins of slik garden lite that i'd been saving for a special occasion. and what did i decide upon, you ask? entrelac.

yes, entrelac. that woven, back-and-forth beast of design. which i always thought looked very very tricky. but is, in fact, just requiring of patience and a small bit of skill. i could've done this years ago, if i'd had the nerve to just try. it took me years to have a go at lace or a cable. this isn't any harder than either of those. and, really, as with most all knitting, it's just a matter of carefully following directions. in the end, if you have the ability to knit, purl, and to pay attention to a few key techniques, it's all about reading a recipe. and this scarf (currently earmarked for the scot's mum), is one awesome recipe to read. i highly recommend giving it a go.

p.s. eunny jang's tutorial here is very much worth watching. she's fab.


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