Friday, December 31, 2010


i'm not a big fan of new year's resolutions. i like setting goals here and there, but me + resolutions = not the most successful. this year, though, i'm making one. and it's a fun one, albeit a bit challenging: i'll be joining in to the a doll a day challenge on flickr. i've watched people do 365 projects for years. in my early 20s i tried a self-portrait 365 and made it about 2 months. it wasn't particularly fun. i didn't want to do something that felt like work.

while home for the holidays (i'm now in NYC for a week after a marvelous 2+ weeks in WI) i met up with my friend meg. meg is a queen of clean, linear scrapbooking. she likes simple, but beautiful. she's an egyptologist. she doesn't have gobs of time to craft, but she tends to have lots of photos. this past summer she participated in an archeological dig in egypt and had a ton of photos to deal with. her solution? a 1 1/4 inch square punch and some great calendar paper.

i nicked her idea. she happily let me. she even led me to the
display of ki sew cute calendar papers at our favorite LSS (where, coincidentally, we met while working as students).

my plan for is to use the adorable paper (i'm using the color pictured above, lagoon) and a punch from ek's paper shapers line to showcase my dolly snaps month by month. i think it'll be fun. printing the photos at wallet size (4 up on a 4x6 print) makes for easy use of the punch to grab a little square image. as i get going with this, i hope to share some progress.

there are various options out there for calendar page scrapbook papers, but i'm really digging the ki sew cute line. i chose to go with one color and style for all 12 months, but they have 12 to choose from!

the best thing i like about these is that nearly all of them work with a 1 1/4" punch (the circular styles require just a 1"). i had a few punches, but of course not the size i needed for this project. oh well. my lovely enabling pal pointed out that i'll use it *at least* 365 times, so it will be well worth the investment. here's hoping that a year from now i'll have a great pile of pages full of tiny snaps of the hobby i love. i think it'll be a fun, and likely sometimes challenging, project to take on. but i'm really looking forward to it. (edit: check out my pal jo's awesome flickr mosaic of her dolly 365 here. a calendar page will be a little something like each of those!).

i know that some people who read this blog are dolly folks, some knitters, and some scrapbookers. but i'd love to see people join in with this project in their own ways. maybe a knit pic of the day or joining the flickr dolly group or snagging some cute paper and a punch and doing a photo a day challenge! or any combination thereof. i have some fun ideas for good blogging times in 2011 and i hope this can be a great start!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

merry merry

merry christmas to all! i hope everyone has had a lovely time with whoever you chose to spend your day wherever you chose to spend it! i'm relishing my time here in wisconsin and am now the happy owner of an instax mini 50s (3 cheers to my dad for buying an import! and also to fuji having the guide online in english. my japanese just isn't so good :p). and i'm told there's a red wii waiting for me back in london. i also got a little toy for scrapbooking. so hopefully my day with old scrapbook store friends (we all worked there together) on tuesday will be super fun and productive! beautiful baby alpaca wool brought back from peru by my sister was also a pleasant surprise.

the snow covers the ground here and fell all christmas eve and through the night. as my christmas day is coming to a close, i am feeling so happy to have the wonderful family, friends, and loved ones that i do. and i hope you all have similar fabulousness and love for your holiday season and beyond.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

things and stuff: tasty

today i'm talking about a taste test. but it has nothing to do with food (well, not specifically. it might deal with chocolates or candies or the like). it's all about everyone's favorite handmade mecca: etsy.

they've got a cool new feature called taste test. and it seems to be pretty accurate. "what is it?" you ask? well, it's a little feature on the site that finds things you might like based on other things you like. much like the suggestions on the front page, but not just filled with items from your favorite shops. they show you a bunch of items and you click on the ones you like. or, if you like nothing in that set, you ask for others. after choosing a dozen-ish items you like, etsy uses it's magic to extrapolate what sort of things you're into. and they seem to be doing a pretty darn good job. i tried it out and was presented with a page full of awesome things - most of which i liked, including the following six items:

a fab embroidered fingerprint from samskiart

a silly and fun little card from upup

these *amazing* penmanship pillows from shopdirtsa. these really appeal to me as an elementary teacher

such a supercute baby sloth necklace from marymaryhandmade

perfect for the TAL (or NPR in general) fan in your life. (and, really, who *doesn't* love ira glass?) - from merrybluesart

and, not forgetting the holidays, a little word play from hawkgerber

i was really impressed with how well this feature worked. sure, not 100% of the suggestions were things i liked. but i'd say at least 90% were. go ahead, have a taste. i think you'll like it.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

travel travel travel

on saturday the boy and i flew from london to newark (for nyc, of course). in a few hours i continue onward to the homestead. to the snowy wilds of wisconsin. where (hopefully) snow and wood fires and holiday shopping will embrace me with open arms. and, likely, a good few cousins will do as well.

i have lots of knitting photos to share (well, a good handful, at least), but a bunch of them are on the scot's camera. and he's not flying out til the weekend. so they will have to wait. in the meantime, please enjoy some photos of travel: cavey style (including what may be the first photo of the scot to appear on this blog).

caveys on a plane

coming to america

(how he snuck past customs)

i hope you're all enjoying a happy and safe run-up to christmas. i hope to be sharing a lot in the coming weeks. so much to do, so much to see, so much to enjoy!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

because it's all about giving

i head to NYC on saturday and onward to wisconsin mid-week following. i will enjoy the midwest and the east coast and not return to london until early january. there will likely be photos. i'm taking 2 dollies with me and i loooove to sew in my mom's sewing room. so magic might just happen (we'll see).

in the meantime, for those who haven't caught it popping its head up on twitter of late, please enjoy this coupon to use in my etsy shop (inspired by the best christmas movie ever, of course).

lots of pretties for holiday treats. do please take a look before the week is up!

i do hope you all are having a splendid holiday season, no matter what holiday(s) you partake in!