Sunday, December 26, 2010

merry merry

merry christmas to all! i hope everyone has had a lovely time with whoever you chose to spend your day wherever you chose to spend it! i'm relishing my time here in wisconsin and am now the happy owner of an instax mini 50s (3 cheers to my dad for buying an import! and also to fuji having the guide online in english. my japanese just isn't so good :p). and i'm told there's a red wii waiting for me back in london. i also got a little toy for scrapbooking. so hopefully my day with old scrapbook store friends (we all worked there together) on tuesday will be super fun and productive! beautiful baby alpaca wool brought back from peru by my sister was also a pleasant surprise.

the snow covers the ground here and fell all christmas eve and through the night. as my christmas day is coming to a close, i am feeling so happy to have the wonderful family, friends, and loved ones that i do. and i hope you all have similar fabulousness and love for your holiday season and beyond.


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