Thursday, December 16, 2010

things and stuff: tasty

today i'm talking about a taste test. but it has nothing to do with food (well, not specifically. it might deal with chocolates or candies or the like). it's all about everyone's favorite handmade mecca: etsy.

they've got a cool new feature called taste test. and it seems to be pretty accurate. "what is it?" you ask? well, it's a little feature on the site that finds things you might like based on other things you like. much like the suggestions on the front page, but not just filled with items from your favorite shops. they show you a bunch of items and you click on the ones you like. or, if you like nothing in that set, you ask for others. after choosing a dozen-ish items you like, etsy uses it's magic to extrapolate what sort of things you're into. and they seem to be doing a pretty darn good job. i tried it out and was presented with a page full of awesome things - most of which i liked, including the following six items:

a fab embroidered fingerprint from samskiart

a silly and fun little card from upup

these *amazing* penmanship pillows from shopdirtsa. these really appeal to me as an elementary teacher

such a supercute baby sloth necklace from marymaryhandmade

perfect for the TAL (or NPR in general) fan in your life. (and, really, who *doesn't* love ira glass?) - from merrybluesart

and, not forgetting the holidays, a little word play from hawkgerber

i was really impressed with how well this feature worked. sure, not 100% of the suggestions were things i liked. but i'd say at least 90% were. go ahead, have a taste. i think you'll like it.


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