Tuesday, December 14, 2010

travel travel travel

on saturday the boy and i flew from london to newark (for nyc, of course). in a few hours i continue onward to the homestead. to the snowy wilds of wisconsin. where (hopefully) snow and wood fires and holiday shopping will embrace me with open arms. and, likely, a good few cousins will do as well.

i have lots of knitting photos to share (well, a good handful, at least), but a bunch of them are on the scot's camera. and he's not flying out til the weekend. so they will have to wait. in the meantime, please enjoy some photos of travel: cavey style (including what may be the first photo of the scot to appear on this blog).

caveys on a plane

coming to america

(how he snuck past customs)

i hope you're all enjoying a happy and safe run-up to christmas. i hope to be sharing a lot in the coming weeks. so much to do, so much to see, so much to enjoy!


Aoife Blake said...

Ah! Totally *IN LOVE* with that sloth necklace! :D

Aoife x

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