Saturday, January 15, 2011

5 little models

i started a new job this week (i'll have it til easter break). which means i've been aboutthisbusy. plus jetlagged for a few days. and the scot has been getting ill (today he's got a fever of a couple degrees. not good). so i haven't been doing a whole lot crafty-wise.

i have, however, been pretty good about keeping up with my 365 photo project. since the weather's been crap (aka: icky light) + i've been at work overly late every night (me playing super nice the first week!), i've started a little series of "getting to know you" photos of my blythe family. they remind me a bit of model's polaroids (think the cover of vampire weekend's contra album). so far i've snapped 5 of the girls. 9 more to go. i'm going to try to get them all featured this way in the next couple weeks, with more "scenery"-type shots in the 365 mix as well.

oft-forgotten edesia (10/365)

oft-neglected fauna (12/365)

still a bit new luna (13/365)

magical maia (14/365)

nifty nox  (15/365)

more to come, i promise!


nuwandalice said...

really like your portrait shots! it's a good way to make sure all the girls get camera time - I can be bad for forgetting some of mine exist! >_<

laura kate said...

that's kinda why i'm doing it! (that and crap lighting in the evenings when i get home)

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