Tuesday, January 4, 2011

of kings and things

NPR. god love 'em. even when i don't live in the US they bring me delightful bits of awesome. (though, as it happens, i'm in NYC this week).most recently, and the point of today's ramble is the new album from the decemberists, the king is dead. it's out (in the US, anyhow) on the 18th. but NPR is streaming it in it's totalityuntil then. i didn't ever really get ahold of the last album from colin and crew but i did have a bit of an obsession with large parts of the crane wife. as far as the king is dead is concerned, my favorites thus far (on half a dozen listens or so) are "this is why we fight" and "january hymn." and did i mention that most of the album features backing vocals from gillian welch? indeed. indeed.

and then, in other king-themed thoughts, is the most fabulous film i've seen in a bit (and, if you know me, you know i see a lot of movies): the king's speech. colin firth + helena bonham carter + geoffrey rush = amazing. truly a remarkable film about a part of british history i knew nothing of. it's a really beautiful story with so many great actors and actresses peppered throughout in all size roles. it's opening soon in the UK - opened in the US first for some reason - and when i get back to london, i'm planning on seeing it again. it's gorgeous. do go see it if you can.

beauty for your ears and for your eyes. lots of kingly things. i highly recommend them both.


Van said...

Beautiful pictures :) Thanks for sharing.

laura kate said...

i'm guessing you meant to comment on the jan 6 post and not this one. but THANKS either way!

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

I really want to see that movie. And I'm going to check out the music. I love finding new stuff.

laura kate said...

breeanna - thanks for stopping by. "the king's speech" is just so gorgeous - do see it! and i can't wait to be able to buy this album. such ear candy!

Mindi said...

The King's Speech is amazing! I can't stop raving about it! I've downloaded the soundtrack and can't stop listening to it. Beautiful. I do a weekly "Man Crush Monday" post and I featured Colin Firth recently-so dreamy :)
You can see it here: http://mindianna.typepad.com/mindianna/2011/01/man-crush-monday.html

laura kate said...

mindi - he is delicious, isn't he? :)

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