Monday, January 3, 2011

on a new year

happy new year! i hope it finds you all well.

welcome to 2011. the past few years have been interesting in many ways, but they mostly involved great deals of change. i started "she's crafty" in 2007 as i was finishing my teaching license and getting back out on my own. then i moved to armenia in 2008 and to london in 2009! 2010 was a year of settling in: settling in to london, settling in to the most wonderful relationship, and settling in to our new place together (last june). my work life is still in a bit of upheaval with having short- and medium-term gigs over and over, but i hope 2011 will see that calm down into something solid. either way, 2011 is a year where i'd like to make some fresh starts, some changes, some improvements to the way i do things and the way i share things. and hopefully that will show in blogland.

photo by the scot, edited by me (i totally should've bought that hat)

you few loyal readers may have noticed that i'm blathering a lot more about me and life and love in addition to paper, yarn, needles, and dollies. i'm embracing it. the more i get to know people worldwide through my hobbies, interests, and other blogs, the more i don't want to keep "she's crafty" merely about things i make and do. that change has been coming progressively, but i'm liking the direction this blog is taking.

back in september, i joined in the 4 simple goals challenge. while i didn't do particularly well on reporting about the outcome of said goals in the blog, my personal feeling about working with them before 2011 was pretty positive. 1 - blog more regularly: i'm getting there! my aim, in the long run, is 3+ entries per week. right now it's more/less weekly. i would love to build up a strong blog readership and really make this a fun place for people to visit, to read, and to be inspired to create and do interesting things, etc. when i first started blogging here i blathered about anything i was doing craft-wise. but it wasn't interesting. and no one was reading. i think "blog with a purpose" may be my mantra going forward (but, always always, always, having fun :) ). 2 - see the country: (get out more) this was a goal about seeing more of the UK. well, as it happened, our plans for the holiday ended up sending us to the US for a month. and the grand holiday plans rather sucked funding out of autumnal travel. so seeing more of the UK is still (and probably always will be) on the docket. 3 - do more sewing: yep! i've definitely been on that. took a break after blytheconUK, but my sewing mojo is definitely back in swing. 4 - keep cooking: and how! did you see my one woman thanksgiving dinner? it was fabulous. and everyone enjoyed the meal a lot. my soups and breads during the cold weather have been a great hit as well.

for 2011, i'm not making any little goals this far other than what i blogged about in my last post. and i'm already loving the fun that i've captured in my first 2 dolly 365 photos. (hopefully today i get one in good lighting!).

in the coming weeks i'm really hoping to get my long-since-planned blog makeover for "she's crafty" rolling. i start a new mid-length (12 school weeks) job on the 10th, so that will be a new professional challenge, but i hope my free time finds time to make this little corner of the web the place i would love for it to be.

what are your goals for 2011? big? small? fun? serious? i'd love to read them in the comments section!


nuwandalice said...

I'm looking forward to your more frequent entries! :) It's nice you have a longer term job, but hope it doesn't mess up your creative time too much. I'm hoping to be more creative this year in the dollie arena, particularly with sewing! :)

. said...

just saw your blog - yay for posting more all around! working = good. being a teacher without a class/classroom is a bit soul-sucking. can't wait to see what sewing we both come up with in 2011. :)

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