Saturday, January 22, 2011

playing sherlock

As many of you know, i'm taking the helm to put together the 2nd annual BlytheConUK. I started working on things a little bit in November and found a great venue. But, with not funds and nothing else organized, I put it on hold. Now, with emails and web things all in the works, ticket pre-sales will be starting by mid-week (if all goes according to plan) and then those funds will help us book the most faaaaabulously fab location.

A location that is, thus far, a secret. Because I'm having fun interacting with Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter followers of the event by running a little photo clue hunt. So far 2 clues have been posted and I've got one more lined up for tonight. I've never done something like this (interacting with a group of people through multiple media, etc.) and it's a blast!

Picture Clue Adventure
i wonder who will crack the clues and guess the venue? SUCH FUN!

If you want to play along, follow BCUK 2011 on Twitter (or on Flickr or Facebook).



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