Tuesday, February 22, 2011

poke, poke, poke

Today I'm in love with Pinterest. It's a bit like Polyvore, but not about fashion. Virtual bulletin boards. Little collections of goodness. (Props to Vicky for getting me in on the fun after I'd been window gazing for a bit).

So far I've been working on a birthday wishlist, and some lists of general likes, and prettiness. I've revisted some favorite images and happened upon some new ones. It can pull a picture from anywhere. So while I was able to add a gorgeous shot from flickr, I could also pull a silly MarioKart pic from google randomness.

At this point, my favorite little sloth necklace from MaryMaryHandmade (featured here once before) has been quite the popular pin. It's been "re-pinned" a bunch. Whee!

And with that happy little creature, dear readers, I shall wrap up this evening. It's my week off. I've been cleaning and cooking and laundering and baking and my eyes are a bit tired.

Are you on Pinterest? Add me! :) Do you want to be? Let me know. I have some invites.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Have you met my baby?

No, no, I'm not preggers. I mean my special project of late, BlytheCon UK 2011! It's not happening til the 1st of October, but we opened up pre-registration to raise funds for the booking of the venue and the organizing of the event and goodies and such. That was 2 weeks ago. And we're nearly 90% sold out! EEEEEPS!!!!

I know some people won't complete the final registration (pre-registration is basically a downpayment) in June and their tickets will get cancelled. But I have a feeling others will be waiting to grab them up. I am amazed at the response. And I've really had to practice using British English as I type up things on the events Twitter/Flickr/website!

My favorite part so far? The logo. My dear, darling friend Erin/Pumpkin is a fabulous artist (she did the LauraKateIsCrafty portrait logo a few years back) and kindly created a BlytheCon UK logo for 2011. It's got a scout-y feel since the venue is the former HQ of UK scouting. I added our colors and text and it's pretty darn perfect:

I couldn't love it more! Her details were just perfect! The flag badge, the lips, the scarf! I hope our little logo girl will look great on all the places she'll end up (tickets, posters, bags, shirts, goodies, etc!).

230 days until this baby is here. And I cannot wait!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

etsy {valentine's} love

Today is Groundhog Day, a fact that went completely unnoticed here in the UK. Back home, they're dealing with a blizzard. Methinks Spring will not come early. But, cold, wet, snowy, or sunny, we're less than 2 weeks away from Valentine's Day. I've found a great little handful of delightful Etsy goodies to get you all in the mood for shmoopiness.

fabulous pillow from shopdirtsa.

the kind of nerdy stuff I'd say to my boy from bombastitch.

pretty letterpress (love the sentiment on this one) from DingbatPress

supersweet mini embroidery from MiniatureRhino.

Keeping on the spirit of Valentine's fun on Etsy, I've got a coupon promo going on in my Etsy now through February 14!

do stop in! :)

and that's right woodchuck-chuckers, it's GROUNDHOG DAY!!!