Saturday, February 12, 2011

Have you met my baby?

No, no, I'm not preggers. I mean my special project of late, BlytheCon UK 2011! It's not happening til the 1st of October, but we opened up pre-registration to raise funds for the booking of the venue and the organizing of the event and goodies and such. That was 2 weeks ago. And we're nearly 90% sold out! EEEEEPS!!!!

I know some people won't complete the final registration (pre-registration is basically a downpayment) in June and their tickets will get cancelled. But I have a feeling others will be waiting to grab them up. I am amazed at the response. And I've really had to practice using British English as I type up things on the events Twitter/Flickr/website!

My favorite part so far? The logo. My dear, darling friend Erin/Pumpkin is a fabulous artist (she did the LauraKateIsCrafty portrait logo a few years back) and kindly created a BlytheCon UK logo for 2011. It's got a scout-y feel since the venue is the former HQ of UK scouting. I added our colors and text and it's pretty darn perfect:

I couldn't love it more! Her details were just perfect! The flag badge, the lips, the scarf! I hope our little logo girl will look great on all the places she'll end up (tickets, posters, bags, shirts, goodies, etc!).

230 days until this baby is here. And I cannot wait!



Alice said...

You're such a star! :D I'm so excited, it will be faaaaab <3

Candy Pop said...

Can't wait! ;)

laura kate said...

Thanks, gals! I have so many little surprises that I'm working on. I hope I can keep them secret until October!

beka*b said...

This is such a cute logo for the UK event and that's totally awesome about the pre-registration numbers :) Bet everyone who does go will have a hoot! Fantastic stuff!

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