Saturday, April 16, 2011

come back soon

many bloggers maintain that one should blog unapologetically. be positive always! stride on! embrace change!

well, i got sick. very sick. shortly after my last post. and it took me out of commission for nearly 2 weeks. and then i was finishing up my most recent job (and will very much miss the students i had!). and, well, i just felt down. so i backed off from blog world. my once-a-week goal of the new year may yet happen. i need good topical things to share with the world. i don't like talking just to hear myself speak (or writing just to read my own words).

i'm half finished with a 2 week break from work (and possibly longer if i don't end up with a position after easter). and i've been crafting a ton. scrapbook-y goodness. and blythe accessories for my just-a-bit overdue 3rd anniversary shop update. but i seem to have lost my camera (well, misplaced). the flat's a bit, how you might say, topsy-turvy!

but, in anticipation of my shop update (which i hope to do within the next week), i want to clear out the few bits hanging around in my etsy shop. visit! shop! save 10%! (i feel like an ad for target).

nearly easter now!

hop. hop, hop.


Nuwandalice said...

best of luck getting more employment! is this still because you're a filthy foreigner? :P Heheh, I shouldn't joke... it's crappy that it works like that :(

laura kate said...

yep. verrrry likely i'll just go back to day-to-day supply and hope to get something more permanent later on :(

i'm trying to focus on enjoying my break and get my crafty moves on!

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