Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Getting Scrappy

Over the break, I spent a good deal of time updating my scrapbooks. In past homes, I've had lots of space for my papercrafting. I had storage crates which turned into drawers which turned into an old banquet table with loads of scrapbook-specific organizational items. And then it turned back into one small crate. And now a few storage cubes in the Expedit shelves! (How the mighty have fallen? Or "welcome to living in London!"?).

So I don't have all my stuff here in the UK. But I've got the basics. And my style has gotten simpler as I've gotten older. And so it works. And I finished up what was left of 2009, and got about 1/3 through 2010's events. Basically, I'm about a year behind in my photo keeping to real life. Which isn't a bad thing.

I did a lot with my photos of our trip to Prague last year February.

It was a pretty great trip and I quite enjoyed reliving the memories as I put photos and paper together to tell the story of our trip to that beautiful and ancient (if cold and snowy!) city. It was, among other things, our first Valentine's Day (and I very much hope it was the first of so many).

Adventures in and around London are also quite fun to document. We don't always get out of this city as much as we'd like to, but try to make the most of living in a place with so many opportunities for getting up to this, that, and the other. Museums and parks and just taking walks along the Thames are definitely amongst our favorite things. And I'm glad my scrapbooks get to show those things too.

Getting back into things after some time away always makes me feel really glad about it. I've so enjoyed sinking my teeth back into my scrapbook albums. I hope to get through all of 2010 before the summer of 2011! And I might just even share some more bits with you. :)


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