Monday, May 30, 2011

9 by 9 for 29

In a bit more than 9 months, I hit the start of another decade of life. I'll become a thirtysomething. While I'm not entirely sure what happened to my twenties and I'm not afraid of thirty, I do look back at various to-do lists and wish lists and long-term goals and think "hmm…maybe not." A PhD I do not have (and currently don't really have the desire to seek). I'm not married (but I have found the most amazing man who I am lucky to share my life with). And I'm not a mother (a goal/plan long-since off the oft-revised list {but not the life list}).

So now, with 9ish months to go, I thought I'd set out 9 goals for myself. Some I can achieve on my own. Some aren't all up to me. But I'm going to try to make the most of this list.

1. Get back on the full-time career bandwagon
I've fallen off. London shoved me off. Schools here love Aussies and Kiwis and Canucks and can't say no (quite literally/legally) to EU folks. But Americans are persona non grata for permanent teaching positions as far as most schools are concerned. I'd like to try to do whatever I can to change that. I miss having my own class and not just feeling like a fill-in person (even if for a few months at a time). I am a teacher. And I have been told and experienced that I'm a pretty good teacher. So I hope I can find the school I'm meant to be with.

2 - Have a cross-country American adventure
This is planned for August, but not yet fully fleshed out or booked. Trains, planes and automobiles. Dairyland, the Big Easy, and maybe some Windy City too! I want to make it happen. The Scot needs to see Wisconsin not covered in snow, and I want to take a 19 hour train trip!

3 - Make 2 new friends
A silly goal for some, but I'm rather crap at meeting new people in the real world. I'd like to make some new girlfriends here in London for hanging out with and doing friend-y things. (This is hard when all your besties live in other countries).

4 - Visit a new country
Not a super hard one, but I want to fit it in!

5 - Make BlytheCon UK 2011 a success!
Most of you know that I'm heading up the organization for BlytheCon UK 2011. It's just over 4 months away. Final registrations are happening in the next weeks. I have big plans, some public, some secret. I really want it to be epic. (Are you going to be there?)

6 - Decorate the bedroom
Seriously. It's been a year and other than some photos in frames, the room is boring. And pretty disorganized. I'd like it to mesh up with the beauty of the living room and the bright airiness of the "winter garden"/sunroom.

7 - Etsy success!
This has been something I've been hoping for/working toward for a bit over 3 years. Lots of "hearts" for my shop and my items, but sales are slow. I'm hoping to come up with some ways to publicize better/more and add some new designs.

8 - Grow {she's crafty}
I'm loving this blog more and more as a creative and social outlet. I want to share it with more people and get more people involved with it as well. (Pssst - I'd LOVE if you followed me via Bloglovin'.)

9 - Stay in the UK
This one's not entirely in my hands, but I'm hoping that various combinations of the above 8 goals and some other things in life will help me to have a renewed or new visa by my birthday time. Tough as it can be, and stressful as it often is, I enjoy London and the home I've got here.

I haven't decided yet if I'll check back in on these goals occasionally or maybe just around my birthday. But there they are: 9 goals for 9 months of 29. Is anyone else working on goals right now? Short- or long-term?


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