Saturday, May 14, 2011

Before and After: Photowall the second

Some of you may recall that a few months after The Scot and I moved into our present home, we embarked on the creation of a photowall. I wrote a little bit about it back in August and it's probably one of the favorite features in our home for each of us. (And my photo of that wall is a fave decorating shot of mine as well).

A little while back we decided to expand the concept. We decided to remove the 2 "people" photos we had and add them to the collection that we plan to create in our entry hallway (which is a bit sad and unloved-looking) and focus our living room walls on photos of our adventures. Because, for The Scot and I, our relationship enjoys many adventures both near and far. And we like taking photos of them all! So, in keeping with our aesthetic, off we went to Ikea to purchase some more Ribba frames to add a 2nd, smaller, wall to the collection. I think they're really great frames for a photowall since there are a lot of shapes, sizes, and colors in the line, but they all have the same overall look. On our walls, we've chosen to go with a mix of the wood effects (birch, oak, and walnut). I like how they're a bit different from, but also complement, our black-brown furniture.

A few days after we got our new frames - including a goooorgeous 20x20in number (to hold a 12x12in print) - I managed to trip and fall on the "safe" place we'd set them. So our plans for a new wall were halted for about 6 weeks til the next opportunity for an Ikea adventure! Being underemployed of late, I had the chance to go on Tuesday and we picked out our photos and ordered them straight away (I use Photobox, for what it's worth - not the best interface, but excellent print options and quality). Thursday afternoon I had prints in hand. And a wall to create!

I like using a mix of sizes. For this wall I had 5 frames: 2 4x6, 1 5x7, 1 double 4x6, 1 12x12. For me, it's about similar margins, but not straight lines. Creating a sense of movement across the wall makes the room feel a bit more alive. So that's what I went with.

In the end, our little home is looking more and more like "us." Soon: couch pillow facelifts, a "people" photo wall (with a very different look) for the entryway, and maybe even a little something special for the bedroom. For now, we've got 2 walls of loveliness in our living room.

Welcome home.


Nuwandalice said...

ooooh lovely! :) I have to plaster my walls with photos and posters before I can start to feel at home. Can't wait to move into a more permanently house sometime in the future and customise it longer term :)

laura kate said...

we've been here nearly a year and needed to get more decorated than one wall! it really does make it feel more like home. :)

Amber said...

It looks so good! The composition of the photos is so nice :)

laura kate said...

@amber - thank you! (just checked out your blog - and will be checking in again :) ).

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