Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Behind the Scenes

It is a rather well-known fact that I like to take dolly photos. They're fun! They're cute! And they make far more interesting shots than regular old tourist photos when I'm out in the world having adventures.

The Scot finds my love of dolly photos amusing. And he has developed a little side-project to my own: behind-the-scenes/making of photos. Photos like this:

Doll in a Castle

It's actually pretty fun. I like seeing how a gorgeous shot like this:
bridge over not-too-troubled waters
came about by my heart pounding in fear and my hand pulling away as fast as possible a la:
"The Making Of" #1

Some others in the series:
Doll in a Tree 2

Doll Across Loch Ness

"The Making Of" #5

Doll on a Funky Fence

Doll Pose

"The Making Of" #3

Do check out his flickr stream. It's full of pretties (as well as some rather ridiculous shots of me!).

Processes. Making. It's ongoing. I'm sure we've all got some fun behind-the-scenes views in our lives. What are yours?


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