Monday, May 2, 2011

A Little Gathering in London

You may have heard about a little gathering we had here in London on Friday.

Maybe. It didn't get too much publicity. Just a few people getting together for a small family wedding. It was a nice day. ;)

I was proud to pretend to be British for the day. And so was Nox.

princess for a day (116/365)

We watched patiently.

nearly time.

And we watched the cars stream in. Then we listened as best we could over the speakers to what was going on in the church (even with a pair of obnoxious Italian people standing behind us doing their very best to ruin the loveliness of the day).

And then we saw the bride and groom. Or, more accurately, a new duke and duchess.

the newlyweds!

Also: the Queen

her maj

After it all, we wandered to the palace to get a view of some smooching, but a lamppost was in the way. Oh well. It was fun to see all the others who came out for the little to-do.


A beautiful day. A beautiful bride (who clearly knows that lace and sleeves are where it's at). And a lovely couple. Congrats, Will and Kate!

(p.s. - more photos here).


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