Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Night With Pete

You may already know of my love for Pete Yorn. It started many years ago in college. I heard his music and liked it. I saw him play in a radio station tent at an art fair in Madison, WI in July 2001 and thought he was fab. I bought his first album. Then I saw him again in Columbia, MO in April 2002, spent a few years getting more into his stuff (the live double disc is awesome) and saw him in Madison again in March 2007 and Milwaukee in August of 2007. Then I moved abroad in 2008 and Pete's stayed stateside.

Until now. 2 lovely weeks in Europe. And I got my little taste of New Jersey rocker awesomeness on Thursday at the King's College London Student Union - the tiniest venue I've even seen his Peteness in. AND I used the night (and dead camera battery) to try out my new phone's camera. I hope you enjoy!

It was a great night. Not so many people on this side of the pond seem to be keyed in to Pete's particular brand of rock. I love it. Here's a little playlist of the night's setlist (encores included) for your listening pleasure. Have a listen. Maybe you'll like it :)

At the end of the night I snagged myself a new t-shirt (one that I'll actually wear as it's more a neat print than emblazoned with large words on my chest). And an autograph. I'm a happy monkey. It was a happy early start to what looks to be a lovely weekend (as the world clearly has not ended). Enjoy yours too!


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