Saturday, May 7, 2011


Throughout March and April was feeling uber crafty. Here we arrive in May and my "let's get a big Etsy update done by late March! I mean April! I mean, mid-April!" got pushed into earlier this week. But I finally finished sequinning up the last 2 of my hats sitting around and got some nice pics taken (I'm really loving my choice of backdrop for this update).

It took me long enough, but I'm happy with the results. I changed the yarn I use to knit my sparkly hats last summer and it's really made them a bit more special (to me anyhow). Thicker,less flimsy, definitely a bit easier to work with than the less spun stuff I used before.

Since it's Springtime (and flowing soon into Summer), I made a few with my favorite favorite favorite butterfly sequins. They were probably the best selection I made in my massive sequin acquisition of 2010 (there will be a massive sequin acquisition of 2011 soon - I just need to make choices). Also a couple "firework" style decorations. I like how they sparkle.

My Etsy shop has been going for 3 years now (I do love how they've updated from "joined" date to "first listing" date - my first listings were for kiddy hats and sweaters just as I was getting my first Blythe and hadn't started creating for the little plastic pretties yet). And, thus far, I have learned a few things. 1 - some people will like what you make, some won't; 2 - sewing tiny jeans makes my head explode; 3 - somewhere along the way, you get a few solid customers. and even though, 3 years on, I've yet to crack even 100 sales there are a small few people who come back and back. And that's pretty great.

So, if you so fancy, check out my Etsy shop. Right now I'm hoping to use the funds to help pay for my trip to the US to see my family and friends in the summer (or rent, if the underemployment continues). I'm hoping the little skirts that have been hanging out since post-BlytheConUK will prove a bit more popular for the summer months. I like the bunnies, myself.


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