Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Treasuring loveliness

Lately, I've become a big fan of Etsy treasuries. I've always loved them, but since they made them readily available to create (rather than a mystical, magical, be-online-at-the-right-time-for-the-privelige-of-a-spot), I think they're an even better tool for Etsy love and sharing. I've made a handful in the last week. So I thought I'd share under the oft-neglected occasional series of Things and Stuff! (Click through the photos to see the full treasuries on Etsy).

The first I titled "Ascot Gavotte" (some of you might get the theatre reference, but I also thought it was just a fun title for a collection of larger-than-life hats)

I do wonder if Princess Beatrice ever does her millinery shopping on Etsy...

The second treasury I'd like to share is Where the Wild Things Are-inspired. Sadly, between the time I created it and 12 hours later, one of the items seems to have disappeared and Etsy wouldn't let me re-add it. Very odd. Oh, well. "And now," Max cried, "let the wild rumpus start!"

Lastly, a little collection of sweet stuff - Honey, be good:

I have, thus far, created one treasury for Blythe, but for regular readers here that's a bit more of the usual. And I wanted to share some new things. Enjoy!

Do you use Etsy to create treasuries? Do share!


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