Friday, June 3, 2011

A bit of a Lush life

Being an underemployed teacher is not always the best thing. It does, however, give one time to enjoy a good soak in the bathtub without worry of whether or not it's time to start dinner or whether I should be enjoying the non-working hours I get to spend with the man I love. This week, school's out no matter, but I still enjoyed a nice late afternoon soak in the tub on Wednesday. And I decided to share a little bit about my favorite bathtime (and general toilette) indulgences: products from Lush.

I was first introduced to Lush goodies back in 2002. My friend Erin had spent her summer studying Shakespeare at Cambridge and her souvenirs for us all as we returned to campus that August were not trinkets or postcards, but bath ballistics. I remember the first one I tried (she got us each a 3-pack): Sex Bomb. I thought it was brilliant! I had to wait until the Fall Break when I had access to a tub (no such luxuries living in the Stephens College dorms), but it was worth it. The fun! The smell! The sheer delight!

I raved about this awesome brand. But, alas, Lush didn't exist in the US at that point. A while later, in Spring of 2004, a friend travelled to Ireland and, recalling my love of nice smelling things, brought me back a massage bar (Absolution - now discontinued, sadly) from this neat little place he found in Dublin (LUSH!). When I made my short-lived move to Switzerland that summer, I was sure to seek out the Zurich Lush while I was in the city (and made the mistake of trying to bring home the frozen shower gel in my luggage...this resulted in being met at the airport by my then-boyfriend with comments on the nice, but odd, smell of my suitcase. Oops.

Over the years, I've become a die-hard fan. They're in the US now (though the prices there are quite a lot higher than on this side of the pond and the selection is usually less). But I'm glad to be living in London where I have visited 9 of the 11 locations in the greater metro area!

Anyhow. About that bath. It started with a ballistic: Keep It Fluffy (the orange version). Pop, pop, fizz, fizz, and the like. I love watching them bob in the water. This one was a bit less-than-fresh (I tend to overbuy and then not buy any for ages). They fizz better (and smell better) when they're newer rather than older. Has to do with the baking soda, I think. But, oh well. It wasn't the fizziest of bath bombs, but it was nice. I like Keep it Fluffy as a bath bomb. I had a couple things in that scent from Lush's now-defunct sister store B Never Too Busy 2 B Beautiful and never really took to it. But I thought I'd give it a go in bath ballistic form. And I like it! It's a bit mellow and just sweet (and comes in orange or purple - but the only difference is color, not scent).

Moving on. This wasn't just a little soak in the tub with nothing else special. I pulled out all the stops on indulgence and pampering for myself. Skin, hair, face - everything! My face got the ever-special treatment of a mask. Lush's mask's are all fresh. In that they need to be refrigerated and have a proper use-by date (though I've used them a bit past and they just aren't quite as moist/colorful). Although sometimes when my skin goes summer crazy, I use the stinky-but-amazing Cosmetic Warrior, my go-to face mask these days (which The Scot even uses too sometimes!) is the blueberrylicious
Catastrophe Cosmetic. Sometimes I slather it all over, but on this occasion I concentrated on my t-zone which, lately, has been all annoyed with the world. It was lovely in the end. My face is happy again! Tra la!

I don't want to drone on. But I did employ a handful of other products on this occasion (and regularly do). Other faves: American Cream conditioner (pictured way up top) - for swooshy, delicious-smelling hair; Buffy(formerly "Buffy the Backside Slayer") - an amazingly moisturizing exfoliate-y bar of goodness; the *sniff* just discontinued Ultralight moisturizer (with natural SPF12); Tea Tree Water toner; H'Suan Wen Hua hair treatment (a super duper intense conditioner). And, of course, when in season the candy pink and sweet and sparkly Snow Fairy (slightly hiding up in that top photo - my stash to last til November!).

So there you have it: a little report from the beauty front. My favorite, favorite, favorite store for bathtime goodies. I could blab on about it for days. But I'll stop here. Happy bathtimes!


Roxie Fitz said...

oh my goodness, I am obsessed with Lush too! I have to force myself to not look at their website!

laura kate said...

@roxie - it's so easy to get addicted, don't you think? :)

onetenzeroseven said...

Ooh great selection you have here! I'm about to try the H'Suan Wen Hua and a bit apprehensive I will get it everywhere, haha! Looking forward to having luxurious hair, though!

Sophie | onetenzeroseven

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