Sunday, June 26, 2011

Spin It to Win It

New discoveries. Always a fun thing. Sometimes it's a place. Sometimes a food (I learned to steam artichokes last night - didn't snap pics, but I might soon!). A song, a style, or a thing. Today I want to share a bit about a thing - a product, actually. I'd seen these "Spin Pins" from Goody advertised. And the ads made them seem like they were some magical updo contraptions. Being a bit of a sceptic (as I have long long hair that's rather thick), I thought I'd at least give them a try. Because anyone who knows me is aware that when the weather gets hot, my hair gets swooped up off my neck ASAP.

Usually I use 2 or 3 elastic hairbands to try to keep a little bun in check. Back in my dancer days, it was a few bands and whole handful of bobby pins to keep things sleek and secure. These days, I embrace the style of a messy bun. Because it's easier. And it looks a bit more relaxed.

So. About those pins.

They're a weird little pair. Spiral, firm, sturdy pins. It's like the big, foreign cousin of the bobby pin and the hair pin. Used together, however, they are simply magic!

Here's how I roll with them (I've been living with these lovely little buns for 3 days now - I see many summer days bonding with my spin pins).

1 - pop it up into a ponytail. NO HAIRBANDS NEEDED! I start to twist straight away.

2 - twist it into a bun shape. My hair is looong. And I don't worry about it being particularly tight. I just make sure the ends are tucked under and aim my first pin at those ends to keep them in check.

3 - spin those pins! I like going front and back, but I suppose you could go side and side if you liked. Spin them in clockwise and try to not lock the ends of the spirals together. It's amazing how secure the bun feels as you put the first pin in. Why didn't someone invent this years ago??

4 - that's it. Really. It's finished. You can spritz a little hairspray to tame the flyaways if you like. But it stays so beautifully as it is.

Normally, with a messy bun put up using a few hairbands, I fix it every couple hours and re-make it. Yesterday I wore a bun made with the spin pins for about 16 hours. 16 HOURS. For a long-haired girl like me, it's a summertime hairstyle miracle.



Nuwandalice said...

WOW they sound AMAZING!

laura kate said...

@alice - the may seriously be my favorite hair invention ever (alongside the tangle teezer, at least).

Rosie Apples said...

They are such a cool invention! I may have to try them out sometime!

laura kate said...

Vicky - yes! do!

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