Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Adventures: Zoo Fun!

It's summertime. Yay! In celebration of this, I thought I'd have a little mini-series of fun summer-type-things. Adventures, experiences, fun and the like. And here's the first - an evening at the London Zoo.

The Scot and I went to Zoo Lates last week. We were pretty excited as an adults-only evening at the zoo featuring lots of tasty food stands and no screaming kids sounded ace (and we got the tickets for a song). Sadly, it didn't really live up to expectations as they closed off access to all the animals an hour before the event was to finish (the literature said only the animals in houses/buildings would be closed at 9pm) and then there wasn't much to do. So instead of a whole evening full of animal-tastic fun, we left a bit disappointed. BUT, during the earlier bit of the evening we had a good bit of fun.

In the butterfly house, The Scot made a new friend. This rather worn and worn-out little flutterby wanted to hang on for a ride. Eventually we coaxed him off.

Penguins! Meercats! Dollies! (Ok, Maia wasn't on display with the animals, but she did think the teepee they have for daytime kids' presentations was pretty cool).


We had Pimm's. I had an awesome roast pork sandwich. It was a nice night, even if we ended up a bit underwhelmed. I want to go back to the zoo on a sunny afternoon and have a proper wander and see all the animals. Such a summertime classic.


Candy Pop said...

Looks like fun! :)

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