Monday, June 13, 2011

Sweet Strawberry Shortcakes

To me, nothing says SUMMER! quite as much as strawberry shortcakes. Fresh strawberries (preferably from a roadside stand) and yummy sweet whipped cream. Mmmmm.

While picking up a few odds and ends for dinner the other day, I saw the grocery store had seasonal strawberries on half price. So I grabbed a couple boxes and knew exactly what would be for dessert (and 2 days of breakfasts, as it turned out!).

Such a simple thing to make. I always sweeten the berries a little to bring out the juice. I suppose you don't *have* to, but I've never known anyone who didn't add a little. And then comes my secret weapon. (Well, perhaps not so secret). I'm normally a die-hard advocate of from-scratch baking. But there are a small handful of things for which I'm a-ok with helpers. Shortcake is one of them. Because Bisquick really makes the best little shortcakes. It's not always easy to find in the UK. And here it comes in tiny, tiny boxes (as opposed to the 40+oz boxes in the US!). But it's worth the little extra price for the ease and the tastiness in shortcake form.

(my secret shortcake weapon)

I made 9. Because I wanted extras. But the classic recipe (usually on the US boxes, but the UK boxes have silly things like crepe-y pancakes and scones instead of buttermilk biscuits and such) really indicates 6.

Whipping cream was, as a little girl, my favorite kitchen thing to do "all by myself." I still think it's quite fun. As a fan of sweet things, a little sugar gets tossed in and sometimes (and on this occasion) a touch of vanilla too.

Mmmm...Summer has definitely arrived.

strawberry shortcake


Nuwandalice said...

om nom nom! I have never ever had strawberry shortcake... :$

laura kate said...

you need to remedy this!

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