Saturday, July 30, 2011

Country Roads, Take me Home

Ah, Saturday morning (even if my Blogger time/date are still on London time!). It's my 5th morning waking up in Wisconsin. All glorious (even if one was pouring with rain all day and one was overcast). The sun in beating down in yellowy goodness again today. Wisconsin may have hot and muggy summer and cold, snowy winters but I do prefer its weather to the largely unpredictable, yet rather small range of weather options offered by London.

This is summer.

tuesday morning
The view from my parents patio at the ungodly early hour I woke up on Tuesday

I've thus far not gotten up to terribly much. I saw the one high school friend I try to keep up with. We hadn't been able to actually see each other in 2 1/2 years and she's not the best at online stuff. She and her beau (of 10-ish years) got secretly married last September. They've never been big on the idea, but did it for various reasons. Neither choose to wear a ring. I find it odd, but really quite fitting for them. And I wasn't as shocked upon hearing the news as I would've been for any other couple!

fairies in the garden

Tuesday I mostly loafed around the house until spending a few hours in the late evening with aforementioned friend. Wednesday brought rain storms (awesome midwest summer storms - warm, humid air, and rain that's not too cold to walk in) and the outdoor chamber orchestra concert I'd been looking forward to for months got cancelled. Rather a bummer. It was re-scheduled for Thursday, but ended up not happening as planned due to fear of rain (though the sprinkles of the overcast day ended up moving off before the evening time for the performance).

the backyard

I've really been enjoying my parents' house. Since they've been living abroad for the bulk of the past few years some of the plantings have gotten a bit overgrown. In my opinion, this is great. In theirs, not so much. But, for now anyway, it's really just beautiful. Probably one of the greenest summers I can remember, all-around. All the crops look amazing and everyone's yards look like some sort of catalogue. It's really pretty.

hello, sunshine!
Friday brought marvelous sunshine again

My brother flew in from California last night. He's around just til Sunday afternoon before flying back West to work and life. No idea what we'll be getting up to today. But it's sunny. And I've mostly gotten through the sorting of boxes of college/early single life that are stored here the family home! Next weekend there will, hopefully, be a pretty epic yard sale. From crafty stuff to home stuff (lots of kitchen things from me) to furniture - it's clean-out time around here. And that's a good thing.

For now, we're just hanging around a bit. More travel-at-home adventures to come!

just hangin' around


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