Friday, July 8, 2011

A Little News

I wrote this post in late May. It's been sitting in my drafts waiting to go out to the world. A little FB announcement by the subject of this post means I can finally stop keeping *ahem* mum.

Family is super important to me. Especially my mom's side. This photo lives on the shelf in my living room (and has for years). 3 generations: my great grandma (who died just before I was born), my mom, aunt, and grandmother. The print is dated March 1970, so I presume it was taken within the previous few months of that . That would make my mom in her mid 20s at the time. Nearly my age.

My mom is pretty awesome. Together with my dad, she raised 3 kids who all have quite different lives. She's been quite excited by the idea of being a grandmother for years. We were pretty sure I was her only hope on this front. Sometime in late Autumn/early Winter one more generation will be added to the lineup. (But it's not my turn just yet).

This means that the summer will involve some crafty auntie knitting time!


Anonymous said...

Hehe, you are sneaky! ;) How exciting!! Congrats to your family! You will be an awesome aunt!

laura kate said...

@Katie - Thanks! I hope so. Hard from across an ocean, but I plan on keeping this kid stocked in knit things and silliness.

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