Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Looking for Love

If you know me well, you know I am an animal lover. When I started my first full-time teaching job a few years ago, I was feeling a bit lame in a huuuuge 2 bedroom apartment. I had a fishtank with 2 black moor goldfish (Laverne and Shirley, RIP), but it wasn't the same. In the same town there was a no-kill Human Society shelter. I couldn't help but look at the beautiful cats looking for homes. So many non-kittens that needed love! There, I found Presto (one-eyed wondercat) and Morgan (sassy calico love).

When I had the opportunity to move abroad, I didn't anticipate being gone long. For one year, the cats stayed at my parents' house and then moved on to a foster-y home with cousins. Rather unexpectedly, they've decided that they can't keep my fluffballs. My parents are beginning retirement and will be traveling a lot. So they can't take them. And bringing cats to the UK is both a nightmare with quarantine and also not a possibility with our building's rule and The Scot's allergy.

HELP! kitty eviction

I will be visiting the US in a week and a half for a few weeks. It's a trip I'm really looking forward to. Hopefully while there I can bring Presto and Morgan to a new home. Do you live in the Midwest? Love cats? Have a welcoming home for 2 sweet kitties who are good with kids? Please be in touch!

Thanks, dear readers. It would break my heart to not find a place for the kitcats.


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