Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Meeting of Minds

(or, at the very least, dolly people).

Yesterday afternoon I met up with the lovely Shelley and Laura for a little Blythe fun. We were hoping to be joined by a few other friendly faces, but circumstances left just us 3. Which was still pretty lovely. Shelley brought along her adorable little daughter (who I'd only heard tales of previously) and we all took a wander to the British Museum to fun with dollies.

ada, alba, and fauna
Pretty ladies having a lounge.

We were in the Egyptian section on the main floor. Sarcophagi, sculptures, and scrolls and such surrounded us. Were we taking much notice? No. We were snapping pics of dollies...

iris joins in the fun

Shelley got a good shot of Laura and me "in action":
London Blythe Meet

It was a fun little afternoon out. I followed it up with a backyard barbecue at the home of one of The Scot's workmates and then birthday drinks for another of his friends. It was a long but really lovely Saturday.

And I am left wanting a mohair girl.
ada is suspicious
Isn't Ada gorgeous?

All week I've been hoping to snap pics of a fun tutorial for you lovely readers, but sadly my materials aren't quite cooperating. I hope soon! Because it'll be great fun!

Now it's time to bake a tart. Nom nom nom. Happy July, folks!


beka*b said...

Oh I miss the British Museum! Possibly my favourite museum in London :) The Egyptian exhibit is the best, but I also love the (now) domed glass central courtyard area (such a fantastic large indoor area) and the Chinese/Mongol/Japanese exhibits.

You obviously had a great time together there! Fun!

laura kate said...

beka - admittedly, we mostly just snapped dolly pics (and went to "see some bones" at the request of the little munchkin!). but, yeah, the british museum is a great one!

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