Thursday, July 7, 2011

On and On About the 'Con

It's been quite a week so far for my adventures in planning BlytheCon UK 2011. We launched the fashion and photography contests (well, put out details for them though their respective organizers, anyhow), and all sorts of things have been arriving at my house.

On Saturday, just as I was heading off to join up with friend for our London Blythe meet, I got a little package from Moo. It should be noted that I *love* Moo products. Especially minicards. I got some of my own ages ago, but hadn't gotten any in a few years. And since I think the size is far cuter than business card size. So that's what I went with. The front side of each has the logo, etc and the backs are customized to ticket types: attendee, stallholder, and guest. I'll be writing on the ticket numbers by hand before they go out. But I think they're a really cute way to manage the ticketing.

Look what arrived at my house yesterday :)

The second arrival at Chez Crafty came on Monday. I had been hoping and hoping it would arrive before Saturday's meet so I could show the gals there. But that just didn't happen. Anyhow, it was fabric samples!!! I'd talked to a few people about designing an exclusive fabric for BlytheCon UK 2011 (after seeing the adorable designs/success of this for the Portland BlytheCon) but those never panned out. So, what's a creative girl to do? Design it herself, of course! I wanted something unique and something that fit our event well. What's both rather outdoorsy (going with our theme "Let's Have an Adventure") and British? TARTAN! Admittedly, I have a particular affinity for Scotland, so this was a fun one. I designed 5 tartans and ordered sample fabric swatches of 4. 3 of them were great and 1, well, let's just say I was glad I got a test swatch! (the tartan was too wide in its stripes, etc to work at the small scale).

o hai, fabric samples

The samples were also in various types of fabric. While the sateen cotton was absolutely the loveliest, the cost was a bit prohibitive. And the plain cotton was nearly as nice. So, for BlytheCon UK 2011 fans that's what's on offer (in our spankin' new Artfire shop). In 4 colorways named for the event!

4 colourways

After working on pre-orders of fabric cuts for a couple days, today's arrival was also super excited. The lovely Ruth (of Eurotrash) had gotten a great stamp made for her wares from English Stamp Co. and I can't say enough for them. I'm so glad I took her Flickr tip! Ordered, created, and delivered within a week! And in the merit badge style we've been going with for other event elements! ♥♥♥loves♥♥♥

stampy stamp

It's been a very BlytheCon UK centric week here at my place. I'm getting more and more excited about the event. So many more little details and surprises to come. I can't wait to share (some of them anyhow. Some will just have to wait until the day!).


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