Thursday, July 21, 2011

Potter Pinterest Pretties

Last Thursday was a magical night for me. After over a decade of book reading and film watching, my love affair with the Harry Potter series met its last love. The final film came out and I was lucky enough to attend a midnight showing. I was also lucky enough to see Part 1 of the 2 part finale just before. So it was a double bill of awesome.

New HP-tastic 3D glasses in tow, I smiled in between films and cried throughout both.

DSCN8191 copy
I also ate a lot of popcorn.

I spent a bit of time last Thursday creating an end-of-an-era Harry Potter gallery on Pinterest. Here are some favorites:

(via ThePhantomMoon)

(via Caroline Hadilaksolo)

And, after all these pretty thoughts, here's one last one. Who knew Matt Lewis (in all his buck-toothed glory) would turn out so yummy?

The next morning, I boarded a train from Kings Cross station and reflected that Harry's vision was indeed far, far, cleaner.


I didn't take a ride to Hogwarts. But I would've liked to.

Maybe next time ;)


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