Sunday, July 24, 2011

A short wander. Soon a very long one.

Today the boy and I walked about 6 miles. (We'd estimated perhaps up to 7, but then actually put our walk into an online walking map thing. It was just about 6). What started out as a little wander to fill the afternoon turned into being on the other side of London and having a pub dinner.

We walked through busy bits and quiet bits and picked blackberries off wild bushes. It was quite fun. We're really lucky to live right along The Thames Path. If living along a river (albeit a gross one at times) wasn't lovely enough, the Thames has foot/bike paths on both shores from source to sea. It's pretty cool. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend it. Even if you're just visiting London, have a bit of a walk. It's totally worth it.

Tomorrow, I jet off to my homeland.

I hope to post a bunch during my vacation. Lots of fun things planned: family time, a short visit from my brother, a baby shower for my sister, helping my parents sort through the masses of stuff left behind in their house by we adult children, a yard sale...and that's all just before The Scot flies over! (After that it's the State Fair and island getaways and Chicago and a train journey to New Orleans!). So much planned and so much left to chance, too. It should be a good one.

It's worth noting that those 2 photos of our walk today were taken by the boy. SIlly us both forgetting our cameras. He snapped a couple on his phone. He also told me he hopes to start blogging more.

Now I'm off to finish the last bits of packing (dolly-related, mostly) and get some well-earned sleep.


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