Monday, July 18, 2011

A Weekend Away

On Friday morning, after a late night of Harry Potter love, I hopped on a train from King's Cross (still feeling very wizard-like) and headed to Scotland. The boy and I were off to a short break with his family.

We stayed at his dad's house, which has the sweetest little flowers throughout the grass in the little back yard. On Friday it was a little sunny.

lovely luna

Saturday was a bit of an adventure. The rain came and went and turned between sprinkles to crazy downpours on twisty country roads! We took a drive to the Scottish Borders to Kailzie Gardens (that's with a silent z). They have a wildlife area, an osprey watching place, fishing ponds and classic walled gardens. Beautiful.

god's garden

luna and a statue

luna and a stream

Also - a Chicken Village!!!! Chicken. Village. Who thinks of these things?

chicken village!!!


The duck pond had no ducks on this particular day, but the lily pads were beautiful.

rainy day lilypad

Sunday was more family time. And rain. No chance to get a shot of Luna in my favorite tartan dress. Next time! It was a great little trip and a nice run up to my American adventure which begins next week. Family time (even if not exactly my family) is pretty great.


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