Saturday, August 27, 2011

American Adventures: Part 4

Part 4: Our State Fair is a Great State Fair

our state fair...

You know what I'm talking about, right? Maybe not? Oh then, watch this and revel in the glory of Rodgers and Hammerstein:

Now then, back to my adventures. Friday, August 12th was spent at one of my favorite summer destinations: The Wisconsin State Fair. We never went every year when I was growing up, but when we did go it was special. Later, as a teenager, I participated in the WI FFA Honors Choir and we got to stay in the youth dorms and perform for the last few days of the fair (it's a multi-week event). Being as the idea of a state fair in general is a rather American convention, I was quite stoked to take The Scot. We had a blast.

While I was pretty sad that the Biggest Boar competition was done and the mammoth daddy hogs had already gone home, I took solace in the beautiful cows, pretty horses, and adorable goats. Some of the goats were even pet-able. Which is always a good thing. I came home wanting not only tiny chickens, but also a pygmy goat. (No such luck, however).

i heart tiny goats

My favorite thing to do - an absolute Wisconsin tradition - is to have a cream puff. We were at the fair the day after they set a world record for the largest one ever. But the regular sized puffs are still pretty massive.

Even though I'm afraid of heights, I always like to go on the Skyride and see the fair from on high. It's just a fun view. Plus, it's a good way to sit down for a while after walking around on pavement for a few hours on a hot day! There's always so much to see, and we even found one place that had eluded us on the ground!

flying feet

It was a long day. And a hot one. So our last fair "to-do" list item came in the early evening: the pig races. These things are hilarious. The group that runs them actually comes from Missouri, but that's ok. We like them anyhow. The last time I went to the fair they had warm-up races with birds and goats. This year, however, it was strictly swine. And it was a hoot!

iris and the piggies

pig racing!!!

Before we headed home for the night, we stopped in to see the beginnings of the world's largest cheese sculpture. It was just getting started. But it was still pretty cool.

world's largest cheese sculpture

Oh, State Fair. How I love you. And what a great way to wrap up our time in Wisconsin. Maybe I'll see you again next year - who knows?


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