Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's Raining Babies! (and cupcakes too)

On Tuesday evening I co-hosted a baby shower for my sister. While I had grand Pinterest-inspired ideas for decorating, the venue (an old schoolhouse in the local town park that was long ago converted into a tiny cafeteria-type-hall) wasn't the easiest to really do much of anything with. In the end, I ended up just making a cute table for the presents and adding some crepe paper streamers. It wasn't fancy, but it worked.

lipstick on a pig?
sometimes, you just have to make do.

A Tuesday shower meant Monday was full of baking. And, oh, how I baked! 3 types of cupcakes and also Rice Krispies Treat cones! Those were a great big hit with the kids. (I got the idea from Cute As a Fox, but used colored, full-sized cones instead (and no frosting). I sillily forgot to get a picture of the finished product. But hopefully I'll find a snap of one of the kids munching on a cone when friends share photos (I was playing hostess and then secretary during gift opening, so I got barely any photos).


The cupcakes were definitely geared toward the adults and had yummy citrus flavors. And all had different frostings. The extras are in my parents' fridge at the moment, and I have to be good to not eat them all up! (Is anyone interested in the recipes? I'll happily share sources!).

i made cupcakes. 3 kinds, actually. but these are the pink lemonade variety.

It was quite the fun little evening. Hot and muggy and I nearly melted, but was quite glad to have a good excuse to wear one of my new(ish) sundresses. And I'm sure that someone there must've gotten photographic proof of it!


I'm not sure how the family feels about having their photos blogged, so I'm trying to stick to the eats and such. But before I wrap this up, I just had to share the sweetest photo of the day. It's my grandma and my little cousin (great grandma and great granddaughter to each other). They coordinate and everything!

honey and scarlett

Babies are kinda magic.


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