Friday, August 5, 2011

Sunset on the Square

One of my old Wisconsin summer rituals was attending as many of the 6 nights of Concerts on the Square as I could. They're a marvelous concert series put on by the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra for 6 Wednesdays from the end of June to the beginning of August each summer. The Wisconsin capitol is a gorgeous building, and the capitol square in Madison during the gloaming hours is always a great setting.

click through and check it out bigger - it's pretty fun

Last week the weather was uncooperative and so I didn't get to sit on the lawn with my dinner and chamber music. This week was perfect (save for the 2 cicada nymphs that fell from the trees - 1 on my blanket and 1 on me....ewwwwww). Fortuna came along. She'd been before, years ago, but I think she liked sitting on the blankets with the music.

fortuna likes the music

The music is great, and it's amazing to see that amount of people picnicing en masse. But I also just love seeing the Wisconsin capitol. It's a great building. Even with all the hoopla happening inside it these past months, it still feels like a pretty cool part of where I'm from and a bit of who I am.


my capitol is prettier than yours

Sadly, last night was the last of the series for the year. The chances are high I'll be around next summer. So, until then...

a blanket awaits its owners


Ashlyn, Matchless Vision said...

I love concerts on the square! I went a few weeks ago when I was visiting Madison with some friends. I always enjoy sitting around with friends, eating and drinking wine. The capitol is quite the sight to see with all those people there. I even saw people with a fondue pot once!

laura kate said...

@ashlyn - a fondue pot? rebels! breaking the no candles rule. i've been going since i was 4 years old (while living in and/or visiting WI anyhow). it's the best!

just checked out your blog - always love some new reading :)

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